“I’ll be honest with you”

Well now tell me bunky, what are you being the rest of the time? I was just on a website where the guy used “I’ll be honest with you” to start off three different reviews of comics. By that logic, am I to take it that he isn’t usually honest with us, but in this one case he’ll break down that fourth wall and come clean? I don’t get it.I occasionally bust out a “all seriousness aside” (which is an homage to a former TSN’er named “Clubhouse” Sam Cosentino) to friends and family when I’m being serious about something (to denote a difference from my usual jokes), but I can’t imagine starting stuff off with “Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this”. Really? How about falsely? Did you expect to enjoy it facetiously.?

I know it’s just a little thing…but HONESTLY!

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By Brian Garside

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