I taught my last ECOM 251 class yesterday, and it will probably be my last class for a while becuase I think I’ll be too busy this next year or so to do any more teaching (house, planning for a family, and getting more serious with HeadsDown again).

One of the cool things that came out of my last class was a presentation on RSS, and how it’s poised to be “the next big thing”. Wired had an article about RSS a while ago which really got me to thinking about the original HeadsDown idea, and how it was going to be a news aggregator. How ironic is it that now, seven years later, that tool actually exists. I never pursued it because I couldn’t figure out a way to make money on it (and even today RSS doesn’t really have a business model which generates revenues), but it’s interesting that the tool exists.

I’d like to start playing with RSS and trying to create an RSS feed with various things. I know I have an Atom feed set up in Blogger right now, but I’ve never done anything with it.