Man some of these things are great. In the tradition of Sandy Collera’s terrific Batman: Dead End, and World’s Finest, comes “Grayson” written and directed by John Fiorella. He says; “In a nutshell, the idea for GRAYSON has been swimming around in my head for too long – so, with the help of a handful of talented artists, and four credit cards, I set out to shape the idea into a reality.”Speaking of which, I managed to see the first three episodes of Justice League Unlimited this weekend, and they’re a geek’s treasure. These things put the old SuperFriends show to shame. The writing’s smart and sophisticated, yet it’s full of colourful super-heroics. The first episode, “Initiation”, is about the Justice League getting a new HQ, and introducing tons of new heroes (in the background I saw dozens of guys and gals including Aztek, Gypsy, Booster Gold, Hawk and Dove), it features SuperGirl, Captain Atom, and one of the best Green Arrow characterizations ever. The second one, “For the man who has everything”, and it’s based on the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic of the same name. It’s incredibly faithful to the original story, and I hear that cranky old curmudgeon Moore, who professes to have never seen any of his own films (From Hell, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen) really enjoyed it. The third is called; “Kid Stuff”, where the Leaguers are turned into kids (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern). It guest stars The Demon…who’s a baby in this episode. The whole show is so smart and sophisticated. It’s a show I’d be proud to have in my DVD collection.

Rumours have it that Warner Brothers studios is working on a Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon series. How happy would I be? First Justice League (which was amazing), then Teen Titans (another series I’d love on DVD), now Justice League Unlimited, and possibly Legion…damn, that’s some good television.