It's been less than 48 hours since she came into our lives, and already Kaylin's a very important person in many people's lives. Mom and Dad K, as well as Mom and Dad G have called to congratulate Char and I, while aunts, uncles, friends and co-workers have all poured in emails, instant messenges, comments, and phone calls to find out how the three of us are doing. Things with a baby are different, but life is pretty good for all three of us on Tansley Crescent.

It sure is strange having a baby in the house, but it's cool how quickly you just know stuff. I haven't changed a diaper in years, but that one was quick. I've never taken care of a baby this little before, but that just came too. It's kind of cool how you can tell a lot of stuff, and a lot of other stuff you do with trial and error.

I'm a big reader of technical books. As early as Tuesday there were books on web design and CSS scattered throughout the house (More Eric Meyer on CSS is in the living room on the stool, while Bulletproof Web Design is on my office desktop right now). However since the baby I'm reading a ton of baby stuff. Happiest Baby on the Block is awesome, we've referenced “What to expect in the first year” countless times, and we've leafed through this huge breast feeding book ad nauseum.

I've been trying to do as much as I can for Char since she was pretty much bedridden yesterday from exhaustion, but today she's taking over most of what I've been doing.

Last night I decided to take the baby into the office (with the futon pulled out and the baby bed next to me) so that Charlene could get some sleep, which really helped her out. Then she made me go to bed around 3 so that I wouldn’t become “Mr Crabby Britches, and I didn't get up again until almost 9!

The early part of night 1 sucked until I learned about gas. Then after several burpings etc, she went down for a snooze with her dad in the office so Mom could sleep.

Today has been more of the same, she's really calm, she's learned to latch really well, and she's getting tons to drink. We've had some good dad time, some good mom time, and some good mom and dad together time.

Char's feeling much better, although still pretty tired, and I'm in way better shape after quite a bit of sleep.

Kaylin's looking awesome today, her head has started to even out, and she's looking less like a cross between Winston Churchill and a frog, and more like the cute little Stinky Monkey she really is.

You can see more of Kaylin at the new photo gallery I just put up (yeah, I gotta admit Ryan and I have whipped up a wicked tool with the HeadsDown Content Manager…this thing is just so sweet! I can already see places where I'm gonna tweak it though…just need about 6 hours to do it…wonder if I could just forgoe sleep tonight and…nahh, better not.).