A message specifically for “Online Poker”

Dear “Online Poker”;

Thank you for visiting Chronicology.com. I really enjoy the e-mails you send me once a week, but you may as well stop. I have never once gone to any of your sites, and I’m not interested in any of the products that you email me. Further, by sending your HTML message through my contact form which is encoded to send all messages as plain text, I get to see the pure HTML delivered to me, not a fancy email.

There is no relationship between the two of us. I’m not a fan of online poker, I don’t even like gambling unless it’s done in the confines of Las Vegas Nevada (I’m not morally opposed to gambling, I just don’t find it fun unless I’m in Vegas…call me spoiled). I’m also a very discerning gambler. The only game I really like is Craps. Not a huge card fan (although I can have a good time with a few hands of blackjack), and not a fan of poker in particular (it seems too random to me). I’ve asked my wife, and apparently I don’t require any of the enhancement products you pimp either.

Please stop sending me emails, or I will have to hunt you down and hand deliver crispy M&M’s (the world’s worstest candy substance) directly to your door.

Thank you.

By Brian Garside

Brian is a digital experience expert, and part time internet superhero. He focuses on digital first design, digital strategies, content management, website usability, and user experience. He was part of the team behind BalanceDo, the co-founder of All New Comics, and the chief strategist at NorthIQ.

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