On Tuesday at 10:32pm, Kaylin Elizabeth Garside turned one month old. So much has happened in this last month that I'm amazed an entire 4 weeks have passed. Pictures don't do her justice, she's just about the cutest baby I've ever seen…of course I'm probably just a touch jaded, after all, I helped make her and the other half of the recipe comes from her mom, who is no stranger to cuteness herself.

Of course I'm getting it from the relatives for not updating enough, but it's hard to do when you're always with her, and when you're not with her, you're trying to get work done as soon as possible so you can get back to her again.

She's amazing now, her neck is so strong that she can support her massive head for extended periods of time. She's developed an amazing little personality already, and thankfully she is a fairly patient little bean. She smiles a lot (and has for about a week), especially when she sees her mom or I after waking up. She has these little rituals that I just love, like her stretching regime when she wakes up, and her adorable little “honking” noises which we sometimes thing will attract the nearby geese and bring them over to take her to live with them. If she ever goes up missing, the first place I'm checking is under the wing of each and every goose over at the pond behind our house.

She's been a little cranky this week, but she's also growing like a weed and that's likely the cause of her bad mood. Charlene took her to the midwives today, where we found out that she's 9lbs, 9oz. We measured her the other day and she was just over 23 inches long, which means she's gained a pound and nine ounces, and about 2 inches in length…I guess she's got good reason to be cranky!

Even though I say she's cranky, she never stays mad for more than 10 minutes. We've yet to have one of the “all night cry-fests”, although we may be in for a big shock soon.

Every day is a first, and every one of them is awesome. I'm falling behind on some HeadsDown business, and I'm behind on a little side-project I'm working on, but I really am having the time of my life. Heck, I bought the new Grand Theft Auto game recently and haven't even had time to crack it open!

Tonight we had a milestone. Our stove got wet when some rain came in through our fan vent, and it shorted out, so we went out for dinner…our first dinner out since our little K.E.G. came into our lives (other than a night out at Wendy's a couple of weeks ago). It went swimmingly, and Kaylin was awesome in the restaurant.

Every day is something new, and I can't wait every morning to see what the next day will bring us.