Last Friday I got a call from Electronics Boutique saying that I wouldn’t get my pre-order of Rock Band because they didn’t have enough units. Then on Sunday I got another call saying that someone had cancelled, and they had a unit if I was still interested. HELLS YEAH I said.

So right now Charlene and I are rocking out with “Chip and the Dips”, featuring Brian and Czar (she couldn’t be both Char in the solo mode and Char in the tour mode, so she’s Char solo and Czar in the band…but the good news is that it’s still pronounced “Char”). You can see our band’s profile on the Chip and the Dips Profile Page over at the Rock Band website.

Last night I had the guys over for some UFC action, and we played a little Rock Band first. I have to say that having four people rocking out on all of the instruments was some of the best fun of the evening (and the fights were hella good). Rich proved himself a wizard on the microphone (and boy knows how to bang out a mean cowbell), Ryan was our bass master, and later a regular guitar hero. Rob started out grinding the axe, and later took over the drums, while I started out pounding the skins had a turn at vocals, and would later take over on bass for the last two songs.

We tore up the charts, and before too long we regretfully put down our fake instruments and watched some real fighting, but we were ready to go back any time if the show had sucked.

Now that we have our fake guitar, our fake drums, and our fake microphone, we need to get ourselves some fake drug and alchohol dependancies.