Me and my Logo

Me and my Logo

Back in the 90’s I was known as “Darkside”, but ast the proliferations of Darkside’s on the internet increased, I adopted my real name in order  to own a Google Ranking.  I mean seriously, how many Brian Garside’s could there be?

A lot of them apparently.  I’ve been in a seemingly never-ending battle with the Brian Garside’s of the world to keep me at the top of the search engine rankings lately (I’m the web developer Brian Garside after all, so it’s kind of expected of me, just like having great plates is what’s expected of potter Brian Garside).

From what I can tell there must be at least a dozen different Brian Garside’s out there all of varying shapes, sizes, creeds, and religions.

These are the Brian’s I know of so far:

  1. Brian D. Garside – That would be me, a web developer currently living in London Ontario.
  2. Brian Garside the president of Opto-Electronics (who seems to be really smart) in Oakville Ontario
  3. Brian Garside the Corporate Business Manager of Star Alliance
  4. Brian Garside who rents a villa in Belek
  5. Brian Garside the General Manager Fawsley Hall in England
  6. Brian Garside – the steel plant manager at Pacific Steel, Otahuhu, New Zealand
  7. Brian Garside, an award winning 1970’s New Zealand potter.
  8. Brian Garside from Plymoth MA who graduated in 1995
  9. Brian Garside from Dayton OH, who graduated in 1991

Are you a Brian Garside?  Know of a Brian Garside that I don’t know about?  Let me know.