So the All Stars: Superman team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly was announced quite a while ago, but today’s New York Times (registration required) made the big announcement of who the All Stars: Batman creative team is. In addition to the previously announced Jim Lee, the writer on the series will be none other than the man who made the Bat cool again…Frank Miller!

Back to Batman

Frank Miller, an acclaimed comic book artist and writer who helped revolutionize the comics industry in 1986 with “The Dark Knight Returns,” a grim vision of an elderly Bruce Wayne, is taking on Batman again. Mr. Miller has been announced as the writer of “All-Star Batman and Robin,” which will be published by DC Comics in July as part of a new group of titles in which top artists and writers will create stories not bound by decades of continuity. (In this case, Batman’s partner is Dick Grayson, the first and best-known Robin, not Tim Drake, the third boy in the role.) “All-Star Batman and Robin” will be illustrated by Jim Lee, a fan-favorite artist of Batman and Superman titles.

Yeah, sign me up for that bad boy. If DC Comics is smart (and I’m pretty sure they are) this will be released the week before Batman Begins comes out (June 17th).