I just want to give a shout out to everyone who helped us out yesterday. It was day 3 and things were getting weird. From not waking up fully to weird things going on that we couldn't find in any book, our awesome group of friends helped us get through the wild and mysterious “third day of horror”.

Xanthe and Nikki helped us figure out some ways of waking the slug baby. Poor Kaylin kept on falling asleep mid-meal, and we were getting worried, and a little freaked out by the constant feed-wakeup-feed routine that we were getting into. She'd suck for a couple of seconds and then fall asleep. Suck, and fall asleep. We tried the doll's eyes method, the gettin' the baby nekkid method, and the foot stimulation methods, but she'd just close her little eyes and go back to sleep.

In the end it took a bath to get her fully awake so that she'd eat a decent amount, and since then she's been awesome, maybe she was just having the three day baby slugfest.

I called Dave and Joanne last night too, and while Jo was out, Dave and I had a great talk about how much your life changes. Six weeks ago if I had phoned Dave up asking about my wife's breasts he would have screamed “Crank Caller! Crank Caller” and immediately hung up on me, last night we chatted for half an hour about stuff that a few days ago was totally taboo.

Last night Kaylin and I threw an all nighter so that mommy could get some sleep. We stayed up and watched Assault on Precinct 13, American Chopper, and SmackDown. I got to feed Kaylin last night using the “cup method”, which was really cool. She was a little freaked out at first, but soon took to it and gulped it down. She then just lay there and stared at me for a while, which was just about the best thing I've ever experienced. Last time I was up until 5am I was engaging in an all night Halo 2 session on X-Box live…let me just say officially that it was nowhere near as satisfying as last night.