So the dilemma I posted on here a few weeks ago about buying comics online was a little bit of a tease. For about six months now I've been looking into the feasability of opening a comic store online. I've been checking the competition, and seeing what's going on out there. I tried to buy comics from places online and looked into everything from the time it took to get stuff to the amount charged for shipping. In the end I decided that it was a market that I need to get into…so I did. Last month we launched “All New Comics“, your Canadian source for online comics.

I've already got about a half dozen folks signed up to get their monthly comics through me, and I expect more in the future. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make the distributor's minimum monthly order, but I doubled it in month 1 (which will start next month because of the way that comics are ordered), and I'm on pace to triple it in December.

I've gotten my first shipment in although it was just a little one this week. Next week looks to be much bigger, and things will get larger every week after that.

We have an ever growing list of inexpensive graphic novels online, and our regular pre-orders for December are on track for later this week, when customers can come to All New Comics and pre-order their comics for December…and save 20% off the cover price.

Here's where I need your help, my loyal readers of Chronicology. Most people who have fallen out of comic collecting still love comics, but hate trekking all the way to a comic store, it's a dichotomy which sometimes prevents us from actually buying comics. I want to serve that market. Get your friends, family and enemies to contact me with their a list of comics they would like to get every month and I can set them up at All New Comics with good discounts, awesome packing, and the assurance that they will never again miss out on the greatness that is comic books.

It's the least I can do. If you recommend someone, tell them to let me know and there'll be a little something in it for you too!

All New Comics. All New, All Comics…All Awesome!