CottageCon was this weekend up in Jackson's Point. We saw a lot of the regular convention crowd, a few new faces, I got another sketch for my sketchbook, and Kaylin got to see the butterflies, and meet her first celebrity. In all, a pretty good weekend.

On Thursday night I suggested to Char that we go down to Harris Park and see some of the balloons that were doing test launches. We got down just in time to see the massive dinosaur go up, much to Kaylin's initial fear and then delight.

Friday night we went back to Harris Park to watch the balloons and saw a couple dozen balloons take flight. Kaylin rode on her first ever carnival ride, and we shared some delicious snacks like shaved ice and cotton candy.

As we were leaving the Dinosaur was being blown up again, and Kaylin stood saying “That's amaaaazin'” over and over again. SO CUTE!

Saturday we packed up and headed to Jackson's Point, but not before dropping by Grandma and Grandpa's for a quick visit. Grandma agreed to have Kaylin over for a sleepover this coming weekend, so Mommy and Daddy can have a night to themselves.

We headed up to Jackson's point and Kaylin was so good in the car. The car ride was about 3 hours long, she slept for about 2 hours, and chatted with us for the last hour. At Jackson's Point we checked into our room, and we headed to the pool. Kaylin and I spent some time swimming, with her in a mini-inner tube.

We went out for dinner with my business partner Pete and friends, and then headed back to the room for some z's.

On Sunday morning Pete and I set up for the show, and Kaylin and Char went off to see some butterflies and visit Auntie Sharon.

The show was about what I figured. Slow, but steady, with a small rush around noon, and which tapered off by 3. I got a sketch from Dave Ross for my “All Robin” sketchbook, and bought a lithograph from a guy who designed the animated Franklin The Turtle. Kaylin got back just in time to see Trish Stratus, who had come with her husband Ron to say hi to Pete (her brother-in-law). Kaylin ran over to her and had her take her around to look at the big clock, which was hilarious since Kaylin tends to get shy around folks.

After packing up in record time (under 15 minutes to pack and load), Char Kaylin and I said our goodbyes and headed back to London. Kaylin stayed awake for the entire 3 hour trip, and was alternately hilarious and quiet. Telling us about her day, and reading her books. When we arrived on the outskirts of London she proclaimed “Want to go home. I tiger.” She kept on saying it until I asked “Are you tired”, “Uh huh” she responded. “I tigered, I Tigrered” over and over again. SO CUTE!

Monday I spent most of the day building my new work bench, which I'll include a picture of soon. To say it's awesome would not be an understatement. It turned out so great and really helped me to organize the garage. Up next are some shelves (I'm going to keep an eye out for a closet organizing system if it goes on sale since you get all the parts I need for a lot cheaper), some ceiling storage, and in the fall when the weather cools down a bit, a coat or two of paint.