So last week I alluded to a big story, something huge, something spectacular. Our baby girl turned 8 months old yesterday (Easter Sunday), but exactly a week earlier she made some huge strides. Literally.

Yup, little Kegger can crawl. Last Saturday she took her first tentative movement, figuring out that her hand had to move as well as her knees, then on Sunday she put the two together and actually moved forward. On Monday morning I put her down on the floor and she immediately scooted forward as if it were the most natural thing ever.

Since that time she's picked up her speed about tenfold, and enjoys getting into all manner of trouble (heat vents, the stereo tuning knob, the bathroom floor, my shoes in the hallway…the world is now her oyster). She's also mastered the fine art of pushing back to sit up. She loves to crawl forward three paces and then push back to check out where she is. Sometimes she'll continue the way she was going, but occasionally something will catch her fancy the other way and she'll just flip around like she's been doing it all her life.

Her personality is really starting to emerge as well. She's a little nut, and a total perpetual motion machine. My parents were down on the weekend and they got to hang out with her. Kaylin really turned on the charm, giggling, laughing, and generally being a ham (she is her father's daughter after all).

It's hard to believe that this was the same little gnome who's head we had to ensure was constantly supported just a few months ago.