Attention internerds, be careful what you say on your weblog. Recent Google hire Mark Jen was recently fired for comments he made about Google on his weblog. A Delta Airlines employee was fired for posting a picture of herself in uniform (that one’s strange to me…why did Delta care?). Of course there’s Dooce, who’s so famous that the term “Dooced” was coined to refer to being fired due to one’s blog.

With a few exceptions, there are some pretty good reasons why these people were let go. The Google guy criticized a new employer…not too bright really. Dooce said some things about co-workers who had no sense of humour. The Delta lady…ummm, wore her uniform outside work hours?

I don’t think this Blog has ever been a problem for me. I don’t really speak about work on here that much, and the few times I have are to brag about something cool we’ve done which has been published as a press release. Pretty much if marketing and public relations haven’t released it, I don’t talk about it. Not here, not in private, not anywhere. That’s just common sense.

Of course there’s also my work blog, which is where I keep work related stuff, but unfortunately that’s just boring technical stuff which allows me to aggregate links and new knowledge in one place.