This past Saturday at the annual Bond St. Cup (this year held in the picturesque locale of Waterdown), Joanne and I were paired up in the random drawing of Coits partners. We dubbed our team the “East-West Connection”, and it was indeed mighty. We took the coveted cup (and the handsome reward purse), and emerged as champions.

Our first match was against last year's co-champion Jesse and partner Tiff. After starting off strong with an immediate ringer on my first toss, we struggled for several consecutive ends with our opponents trading the lead with us. We finally managed to eke out a 15-12 victory in what can only be called a bowling shoe ugly battle of attrition.

Up next were Fabio and Nikki. Nikki once again showed her coitsmanship, with nearly every ring landing on or around the pole. Joanne however was finding her stride at this point and managed to steal a good number of ends. Fab and I battled on our end, and I eventually got the better of him. In the end we squeaked another close victory with a 15-11 victory. With that win we had defeated two of the four former champions (in the 3 previous Bond Street Cup tourneys, Jesse and Nikki have won twice, while Tim and I had each taken one victory), and were prepared to face the finals.

Up against Tim and Bethany, things looked grim with the so called “good guys” taking an early lead, before we could tie them up. Suddenly Joanne was throwing coits like she was an old pro. First a ringer, then point, point, point. With us up 13-11, all it would take was two single points to assure victory, but Joanne would have none of that, with her first throw of the end, she tossed an easy ringer and brought the Bond Street Cup to where it belongs…

Oh sweet victory, your taste is like a mix of fine honeysuckle and vintage champagne with a hint of clover the barest soussant of asparagus.