Hello fans of comical books. Friends of fans of comical books. Fans of comical bookal movies. All of you all, I'm looking for you. I'm looking into launching an all new website devoted to the huge Canadian comic book market. We have the best artists, the best writers, and some of the best stores in the world, now it's time for a new website to spotlight them and show the world how cool we are.

I'm looking for a few good men (and/or women) to write stuff about comical books for a new site which will be launching soon.

News, previews, interviews, reviews. You name it, and we're looking for it. In the beginning the pay will be just the fame/fortune and thrill of seeing your name on the various internets connected with a high quality website. However as the site in question grows, we will figure out ways of rewarding our writers.

This site is going to launch early in August, so I'm looking for writers to start submitting things to me soon so that we can get the site going.

Anyone interested can leave a comment here. Make sure your email address is correct and I'll respond to you immediately (don't worry, your email address will not appear on this site).

Know somebody who would be interested in this? Send them an email with a link to this site.

Thanks fans, and as Stan Lee would say “Excelsior!”