Has there ever been a better pure teaser trailer than this? Not that I can think of. It was the San Diego Comicon this weekend, and the announcements were fast and furious. Iron Man was revealed, Kevin Smith's next gig got announced, and there were plenty of comics related news.

Newsarama has a really big index of the news that happend, go ahead and read it…I'll wait.

There, all better.

The big things that I think are super cool.

The Dark Knight trailer is awesome. Part of me wishes we could see some Joker, but I have such faith in this franchise that I just don't care. I'll wait until next summer if that's what it takes. The viral marketing stuff they're doing is a fanboy's wet dream. Check out Why So Serious for the example.

The Iron Man Mark I Armour looks frigging COOL!

Kevin Smith helming the new Heroes Origins 6 Episode mini-series that takes place during the mid-season hiatus? As they'd say on Battlestar, “Frak Yeah”!

Lots of regular comics news, including Final Crisis by Grant Morrison and JG Jones which I'm sure will be a stellar seller for All New Comics, new creative teams for the thrice monthly Amazing Spider-Man, some cool Teen Titans news, and something I'm really looking forward to, the “unaired sixth season” of Angel called Angel: After the Fall.

The news coming out of San Diego actually makes me excited about CottageCon next weekend.