Brian is pretty busy these days, so I thought I should step in and get some new pictures of our sweet girl up for all of you to see. Check out the gallery for new pics!!

Kaylin is doing so well. She's growing like a weed while maintaining her slim, girlish figure. Some of her 3-month sleepers are getting a little short! She's cooing lots, smiling all the time and can even touch her toes! (OK, I have to pull her toes up to her hands, but she still enjoys hanging onto them like a little monkey)

We're looking forward to Kaylin's first Christmas – but don't tell her about the whole “gift” thing. We're keeping that a secret for at least one more year. Instead, we're just going to wrap up some of her current toys and give them to her…just kidding! That's just mean (but frugal, don't you think?)