So once again Fox is selling off the first seasons of a mess of shows for dirt cheap prices. Right now at Future Shop you can get, the first season of Buffy, 24, The Shield, Family Guy, and a few others for $29.99. The Shield is supposed to be a great show, and I bought that Family Guy set last time it was on sale (it’s freakin’ hilarious and so wrong on so many levels).

This week sees The Incredibles release on DVD, with a ton of extras. It’s definately on my “must watch DVD” list. Also Star Trek First Contact, which I consider one of the best sci-fi movies of the last ten or so years, gets the special treatment. Next week sees the pretty cool Star Wars “The Clone Wars” released on DVD. This release will have all of the micro-episodes cut into one long movie. There’s a few extras on the dics, and this will be the introduction of the new baddie, General Grevious.

Speaking of good sci-fi, I’ve been trying to catch up on Battlestar Galactica. I know that it’s a blasphemy of the original series (which itself was just a cheap knock-off of Star Wars), but I like it. The new Cylons are creepy, the human Cylons are cool, the ships are awesome, I love the fact that they shoot ballistics, and the dogfights are wicked with the ships moving around in a full 360 degree enviornment.