May has been relatively quiet compared to April, but there are a lot of exciting things in my pipeline that I'm working on right now. In addition to my web work, video game activities, house projects, and various TV season finale's, and there's a ton of good movies coming out.

I'm working on a couple of special projects right now which are pretty cool. HeadsDown will be going through yet another revolution this summer as I redesign the page one more time making everything a lot tighter and merging the three sites into one common template with similar messaging. HeadsDown, HockeyUpdater, and WritersQuill will all have similar templates with different branding. They'll have tight messaging, and comprehensive “What it's all about” sections. We're working on a nice little brouchure detailing what to do with your brand new website as well.

I'm also making some significant changes to the actual EasyUpdating application as well. Tweaking it a little bit and making it a lot more user friendly. Help documentation, error checking, and widgets that make adding links, bolding text and italicizing things easier.

Of course the 1997 project is going along well, and within the next couple of weeks the first phase will launch.

I'm playing with a few little house projects as well. We're going to paint a whole bunch over the summer, get a garage door opener, and install central air conditioning…

Movies this summer, man there are a lot. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be awesome. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be cool just because of Johnny Depp. Fantastic Four could surprise and be decent…although I will be pretty shocked if it is good. The Island…Michael Bay, pure popcorn, probably not good, but it will be pretty. War of the Worlds should be entertaining. Domino will be typical Tony Scott popcorn, and Dukes of Hazzard will probably be funny in the same vein as Starsky and Hutch.

Star Wars, Batman Begins, and The Brothers Grimm (by my favourite director Terry Gilliam) all look cool, but I'm looking foward to finding out what this year's “Garden State” will be. By far that was my favourite movie of last year, and it had one of the best soundtracks of all time.

Yep, it should be a good summer.