Just a little piece of advice to the good folks out there who make the wonderful Florida's Natural Fruit Juice Nuggets. I'm currently eating the blueberry ones (all natural flavour, a good source of vitamin C, and 66% real fruit juice according to the “marketing gone wrong” packaging). The best before date is April 23, 2009.

When your best before date is nearly two years in the future…it's probably okay to not include it on your packaging. I mean you're really not fooling anyone. I know this isn't “candy”, but come on. Just because the ju-jube people don't put a best before date on their ju-jubes, doesn't mean that I don't know that their food is nutritionally bankrupt.

And really, your packaging? Are you even serious?

Purple and Yellow banner: All Natural Flavours
Title: Florida's Natural brand
Big Starburst: Made with 66% concentrated fruit juice and concentrated fruit puree.
Banner: Au'some Fruit Juice Nuggets
sub-title: Fruit and Fruit Juice snack
size: 17g
Blurb: Blueberry Natural Flavour
Banner: Good Source of Vitamin C.

Multiply this by two so that you can have it all in French as well.

Listen…this product comes 8 to a box. This is a case where you had me at hello. At this point all you need is a big fat blueberry, and maybe your brand so that afterwards I can say “Hmm, those Florida's Natural Au'Some Fruit Juice Nuggets were pretty decent! Perhaps I'll have another package”.

I like marketing and marketers in general. I hate bad marketing because it's cheesy and just downright bugly (bugly = butt ugly).