Congrats go out to “Big Daddy” Donnie (whom I affectionately refer to as Freakishly Tall Daddy…or Freak Daddy for short) and his wife Sarah on the birth of their little girl Natasha Alexis Venusina. Kaylin has already decided that she and Tasha will be best friends for life, and she pinkie swore on it with me earlier this morning.

Donnie and Sarah live just down the street, bringing the current newborn baby tally on Tansley to 3 in the last month. There must be something in the water here.

Donnie kept himself awake for something ridiculous like 48 hours after Tasha was born. I chided him and told him to get some sleep, but he just showered and went back for another hit of “baby” (the drug of choice of all new mom's and dad's).

Donnie outdid me with his blow by blow account of the birth of his daughter on his website when he wrote Say hello to Natasha Alexis Venusina…., of course he probably had a lot more to say since his birth was way more eventful than ours…just like Donnie to always want to out-do me. We have a quick, non-eventful 12 hour labour, he and Sarah just HAVE to do the crazy two day, insanely complicated thing. We go home a couple of hours after birth, Donnie just HAS to stay and crash on the hospital cot so that he can say to me; “Listen son, I slept on a hospital cot with my wife, what did you do? Go home and sleep on your comfortable bed? Who loves their wife more now?”.

Congrats to both of them, and here's to a speedy recovery for Sarah so that she can get home and rest in comfort.