So the goodness that is going to be June just keeps on coming. Yesterday I found a place that sells cables so cheap that it must be a fantasy, this morning I get an instant message from one of my staff Mark, telling me that something he was worried would take the rest of the week took him under 4 hours to do…then I open up my Hotmail account this morning and I get another really good surprise.

Your Xbox Video Game system has been shipped! You can expect to receive it in 2-5 days. Thank you for your patience and get ready to get back into the action! Your shipping information is provided below for your reference:

YAY! My Xbox will probably arrive at about the same time as my HDMI cables, and definately before my trip on Thursday evening to Toronto.

Of course I was kind of silly yesterday and I loaned out all of my games to my next door neighbour. Oops.