Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Wow…talk about a busy weekend.  Not only did we have a garage sale, do lunch with friends, see Grandma and Grandpa, have Char’s sister over, put in a couple of steps, go shopping for some cool stuff, go to Storybook Gardens and visit Rib Fest…TWICE, but I also got some video gaming in this weekend.

Now THAT’s how you have a weekend!

The weekend began on Friday afternoon.  The powers that be shut Info-Tech down early for the day (which was good since the city was jackhammering just outside my office), so I headed home around 3:30.  We had some dinner, and then it was back to taping and unboarding comics.  Char took Kaylin over to Grandma and Grandpa’s, while I continued to get stuff ready for the garage sale, taking things outside and finishing up the comics.  I managed to get all of it done by around 4:30am.

The next morning we woke up around 6:30, and got stuff set up.  By 7:20 the first people had started trickling in, for the garage sale that started at 8.

Now I have to say, garage sales are kind of depressing events.  You’re getting rid of crap you don’t want, and people who are buying said crap are looking for a deal.  For some of them I think the deal is more important than the crap, and that’s just kind of sad.

I had some comics out there, but the comics people weren’t looking for deals (this was good), but anything else?  DVD’s 2.00 each “Will you go $1.50?”…well  I can sell them to you for $1.50, or to Blockbuster for $1.50…which do you think I’m gonna go with?

The justifiers were the ones that made me laugh the most.  One guy wanted to buy my Guitar Hero II (with Guitar) for $20.00.  I told him no.  “Well I can buy it new for $70.00″ was his response.”  That’s nice…go buy it for $70 then.  Jeez.

One woman wanted to buy a dresser we had.  She asked if I’d deliver it.  Sure, whatever, she’s just around the corner, no biggie.  “Will you take $35 for it?”  Char started to negotiate and said $40.  I said “Not if I’m moving it.  If she wants me to move it, it’s 45.00, I’m not negotiating AND moving the thing.”   The nerve of some people.

After the garage sale we went and picked up Kaylin at Grandma and Grandpa’s and brought over Chinese.  On our way home we stopped by rib fest and Kaylin got to ride some rides.

That night I played a little bit of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, but I was pretty dead to the world, and was in bed before 10.

That’s Saturday!

Sunday was a day of sleep and recovery, we all slept in until about 9, and then got up.  Kaylin and I had some breakfast, and then the three of us headed out for some Dim Sum with the neighbours.  It was a fun meal, and after we all headed our seperate ways we did a little shopping and headed home.  I grabbed some supplies at Rona and did some work on our new stairs to our patio out back.  A little more Geometry Wars that night, and Sunday was over.

Monday morning we met Dave, Diana, and Rosie at Storybook Gardens and made a morning of it.  I expected Kaylin to fall asleep on the way home, but she didn’t.  Later that afternoon, the two of us went down to the Rib Fest to grab some pulled pork for dinner.  Kaylin managed to find $40.00 lying on the ground, which meant dinner was on her!

Monday night came, and Kaylin asked for Char to lie down with her, I was dead tired, so I volunteered.  As we lay there in bed, with the pink light of her “little man” night light and her Richard Scary book against the wall, she leaned into me and said “Daddy, you’re my best boy.”, I said “Aww, that’s nice Kaylin.”, to which she responded “Daddy, now you have to say ‘you’re my best girl’.”, so I did.  A few minutes later she said “I love you daddy.”, and drifted off to sleep.

Tell me how you can beat that weekend.  You can’t.  Sorry, you can try, but you will fail.