Our Disney Adventure

Team Garside at the Magic Kingdom

In April, we drove to Florida and spent a week in Disney, despite not being a traditional Disney family. This was our adventure, complete with A/C malfunction, and a heatwave that saw Florida without rain for 36 days!

2016 In Review and 2017 Resolutions

2016 Review, 2017 Goals

Each year I write a review and goals blog post, these posts help me to look back on the year, and figure out what I want to do going forward. There have been a few years I didn’t write these posts, and I regret those years as I can’t look back and figure out where I was at that point in my life.

First Half of 2015 Report

Our Family

While it feels like just yesterday we were trudging through mountains of snow, it’s already June, and I’m wondering what it is exactly I’ve accomplished half way through the year. What did I get done so far this year? We had a pretty fun family vacation back in February when we took the kids to Las… Continue reading First Half of 2015 Report

Our Disney Cruise

Clan Garside sailed the majestic Disney Magic from February 24th through 28th, and while it was a welcome break from the ridiculous winter that we’ve been dealing with back home, it wasn’t exactly the “magical experience” that others have raved about. We’ve been on two other cruises, both by Royal Caribbean…and we were recently spoiled… Continue reading Our Disney Cruise

My brother-in-law Chris

This has been a trying week for my family.  On Monday my sister Annette’s husband Chris went in for an aortic valve replacement.  He had a congenital defect which was causing his heart to pump less blood than his body needed, and it was making him weak as a kitten.  Chris is a mechanic, so… Continue reading My brother-in-law Chris

Five London Years

It’s hard to believe that we moved from Ajax five years ago in March, but it has indeed been five years. Kaylin was 18 months old when we moved here, half of Maks’ age.  It’s amazing to see pictures of her from back then, she was all curls and crazyness.  Now she’s six years old… Continue reading Five London Years

My Grandma Moo

Grandma was born December 3, 1920, but we grand kids wouldn’t get to meet her for another 50 years, until the 1970’s when we all came into the world. The Muriel Thornton we all got to know was as warm as a fresh out of the oven cookie, caring, kind, and above all else, one… Continue reading My Grandma Moo