Two years ago tonight was just another night. Char had been having labour pains for a few weeks, but nothing serious, we probably went to bed around 11, and maybe read a little in bed before tucking in. She woke me up around 4, thinking this might be it. We decided to try to catch as many Z's as possible to prepare for our own little version of “24”. Little did we know that only 18 hours later our lives would really begin.

I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Our old new house had just had the new driveway paved the day before, and we weren't supposed to park on it for 48 hours, so the car was way down the street. I remember getting lost on the way to the hospital and Char having to re-direct me. I remember how brave my wife was, and how incredibly strong she was during the entire labour, and I remember the sheer joy of holding my new baby girl.

Two years, what a difference. Two years ago our mouse was just this tiny ball of need. Now she's a walking, talking little person who exerts her will on the world (and who's “HEY, don't do dat” never ceases to make me laugh uproariously).

Today we're going to have a quiet little birthday, Friday we're going to take her to African Lion Safari, and on Saturday she's going to have family and friends over to have a big party.

She's such a big girl, and we love her so much.

Happy birthday mouse.