Dear Kaylin, Who would have thought, at this time last week, that my world was not yet complete? It wasn't until 10:32pm, on Tuesday August 16th, that you came into our lives and changed us forever.

Mommy and daddy are so blessed to know you. This first week of your life has been inspiring. We cannot wait until we see your first smile, hear your first word, and watch your first step. But until then, my little bird, we will continue to cherish every little wiggle and wimper you make. You light up our nights and carry us through our tired days.

Kaylin, do you know how amazing your daddy is? Over the past exhausting week he has coached me though the 18 most difficult hours of my life, made me laugh like never before, and kept me fed and hydrated when I was too sore to go down the stairs. But most of all, he has loved you as I always knew he would love our baby – with the biggest heart and the strongest arms. He has changed more than his share of diapers and wiped away a lot of mommy's tears this week. And I know he has helped make you feel secure in your new world.

And do you know how wonderful all of our friends and family have been since you arrived? We've received so many wonderful messages of love and support – I know you would thank everyone personally if you could.

So happy one week birthday my love. Thank you for being you. Mommy loves you with all her heart and soul.

Love, mommy.