All New Comics has been up and down more often than a kid on a trampoline lately, and this week I finally had enough with some serious database troubles. After quite a few years with my server sitting in Florida, I’m finally moving it back to Canada where it belongs.

In the last couple of months my formerly stable website has gotten increasingly unstable. About a month ago the site went down every morning for two weeks. I’m at the point now where, I know I can get five or six hits in before the site will crash, and the site seems to consistently go down at about 1am (which co-incidentally is when I’m often doing the bulk of my updates).

Last night I bought to store All New Comics on, and started the process of setting up a shared hosting account with a Canadian host. I’m not incredibly familiar with the MS SQL database end of the site, so I’m probably going to have to beg for some help (luckily I work with a bunch of really smart cats, so I MAY be able to get a hand with that part).

That part that really sucks is that while I had planned on making this switch at some point, with my hand forced as it is, I now have to make the switch quickly, and do my upgrades to the site as a separate launch later in the year.

Update – Does anybody know how to transfer an MS SQL server from one host to another? I can’t figure this one out on my own.