The Toshiba A3 HD DVD playerSo here’s a dilemma for you. The HD DVD format is officially dead. Toshiba pulled the plug on its lifeless corpse, and people are blowing out their stock. Right now I can buy an Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on for $49.99, and it comes with King Kong. What’s more, until February 28th there’s a mail in offer for 5 free HD DVD’s. Or for $99.99 I could get a Toshiba player with 2 free DVD’s and the 5 free mail in offer.

The format may be dead, but it’s still got some good content on it. Heroes Season 1 is available on HD DVD, the remastered Star Trek the original series is on HD DVD, and Planet Earth is available on HD DVD. I’m figuring I can probably pick these up for a song soon.

Not only that, but $100 for an upconverting DVD player is pretty good. The reviews all say that a good upconverting DVD player makes standard DVDs looks almost as good on a 37″ HD player as a high definition DVD. I’ve also read reports that folks have returned their players to Best Buy and you can get open box units for just $49.99.

Good deal, or a waste of money?

— UPDATED – February 27th @ 5:09pm —

Well, I just went out and bought one at lunch anyway. It came with 300 and the Bourne Identity. The 5 free mail in movies are a kind of sucky selection, but who can complain about free?

I’ll write about my experiences once I get her all hooked up.