So I waited a little while before posting my thoughts on the Cirque du Soleil (which Charlene and I saw on Friday night). In short, I loved it.

My big regret from when Char and I went to Vegas, was that we didn’t get to see Cirque’s “O” at the Bellagio (although we did see Blue Man Group instead when we found out that tickets to see O were sold out for six weeks in advance!!!), but having never seen a Cirque performance, I wasn’t devastated or anything, I mean would a person who had never had peanut butter miss it if it vanished from the earth?

After seeing Allegria on Friday night though, I would LOVE to see their other shows. While Allegria was interesting, the other touring shows look as good or better, particularly Drallion, which is a fusion of Chinese circus and Cirque performances.

I loved it so much that I wrote about it in this week’s “Tales from the Darkside” column, entitled “Cirque du WWE“.

Props out to my wizzle for bizzling the tizzles! (for those of you who aren’t down with that kind of stuff, I said “Thanks to my wife for buying the tickets”…now go buy yourself some baggy pants, a backwards, fitted New York Yankees hat, and hang your head in shame).