Kaylin up to her shoulders, me up to my waist in snowNow that’s a load of snow. The picture you see above is our back yard on Sunday with Kaylin and I standing. The snow’s up to her shoulders, and up to my waist. Now admittedly this is in a drift in the back yard, but it was still huge. In around 24 hours we had about a foot of snow dumped on us. Saturday we were trapped in our house, but Kaylin and I went outside anyway to dig out the driveway. With a bunch of cars stuck on the road I knew that we weren’t getting anywhere.

Instead Kaylin and I dug around in the snow, cleared the driveway, and then went between the houses to dig holes in the big piles of snow. I dug her a tunnel, and she crawled through it way braver than I would ever be. After about an hour though we had to head back in. While the actual temperature wasn’t too bad when we were all bundled up, the wind was biting and hurt like heck.

We went inside and I introduced Kaylin to the concept of “hot cocoa”, which she loved. After we sat around watching TV, doing other indoor things.

Sunday was a much nicer day, it was still cold, but there was no wind and with the sun shining brightly, it felt way warmer outside than it really was. We got outside just in time to help our neighbours Jason and Roland dig Roland’s car out. Kaylin was hilarious, the snow was easily up to her waist, and she struggled to walk around (both because of her cumbersome snow suit, and because the snow was…you know, up to her waist). She spent the entire time yelling “I’m coming daddy, wait for me, here I come”, and it took her a good five minutes to walk the twenty feet to where I was. When she got over to Jason’s clear driveway, she just ran back and forth across it.

Once we got Roland’s car unstuck (he was actually up on about a foot of snow, so his wheels weren’t actually touching), Kaylin and I trudged to the back yard. We spent the next hour or so playing in snow drifts, playing with our toboggans (which wouldn’t slide because the snow was so loose), learning how to make snowballs, and just generally running around, and yelling, lots of yelling.

She eventually told me that she wanted to go in and have some hot cocoa, so I shipped her off to be with mom while I spent the next hour shoveling the driveway.

After spending a couple of hours outdoors, Kaylin had about a two hour nap, and still wanted to go to bed by 7:30 last night. Fresh air does you good.