How I learned to love the fox

Wired’s got an article up on FireFox and how it’s re-opened the browser wars called “The Firefox Explosion“. I will tell anyone who asks why I love Firefox. Built in pop-up protection, tabbed browsing, extensions that allow me to do things like save my sessions, disable CSS, change a CSS on a page, look at tables, and any number of other things, and it’s got a smaller footprint than IE. PLUS it won’t allow hijacks which IE was infamous for.

Some folks like Ryan have complained that it takes up too many resources and hangs their computers…but I’ve never experienced that before.

Firefox, it’s what’s for browsing. Go get it!

1 thought on “How I learned to love the fox”

  1. yes, firefox good. but i see you still haven’t resloved that centering problem your site has with firefox, sorry just being a jerk.

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