And I shall call!

And I shall call!

Almost a year ago Ryan and I built the Behemoth.  It’s fully assembled (except for the darned doors which I just can’t seem to manage to build), so last weekend I decided to build a unit for Kaylin.   It’s not nearly as big, just one 24′ wide by 8′ tall unit.  This one’s built with 3/4″ maple ply-wood ($66.00 a sheet) instead of 3/4″ MDF ($33.00 a sheet).

Now to be fair I bought all of the wood shortly after Maks was born, early one Saturday Kaylin and I headed out to Rona, picked up $120.00 worth of wood and a $10.00 pry bar (to cleanly pull the trim off the wall, something I didn’t have last time and ended up doing a horrible hatchet job).  I bought better wood this time because frankly MDF is heavy and disgustingly messy (though incredibly forgiving).  I also made a small error in checking over my cutlist which resulted in me getting 7 shelves out of the sheet instead of only 5, and ended up meaning I had to purchase an 8′ length of pine for an additional $16.00.  All in I should have been able to build this thing for $100.00.

Last Saturday I made the final cuts that needed to be made, and spent a few hours putting the boxes together.  Kaylin helped me, and together we built the entire thing in a few hours.

I’m pretty happy with the way it looks, however it really illustrates how much I need a router.  I have no edges on any of the sides, and while it still looks cool, it doesn’t quite have that finished look that the routed edges on the original Behemoth has.  Maybe Santa will be good to me this year.

Now all that’s left is the filling, sanding, painting, sanding, and painting which should only take at the most another sixteen years!