On Tuesday August 16th at 10:32pm Kaylin Elizabeth Garside decided that she could wait no longer and made her presence known to the world.

The tale of the tape is an impressive one. Weighing in at 3754 grams, and measuring 53 centimeters in length (that’s 8lbs and 21inches to you imperial system folks), she bounded into her mom and dad’s lives full of the vigor of youth.

Mom did an amazing job, complaining at 4 in the morning of a few contractions, and deciding that she’d get rest while she could. By 7am she was having more intense, contractions. By 10:30 the contractions had become closer together, and when dad had monitored an hour of regular 5 minute contractions lasting between a minute and 1:45, he called the midwives. Their midwife Maysoon called back minutes later and asked to speak to mom, who between two contractions managed to give Maysoon better directions than Brian could ever hope to give. Maysoon arrived and quickly discovered that Charlene was nicely in active labour and they agreed to meet at Markham Stoffville hospital.

On the way, Brian made a wrong right turn that saw them see a few back roads they shouldn’t have.

At the hospital, Charlene opted against the epidural having been assured by Maysoon that she had gone past the most difficult part, and that an epidural would just slow things down. Charlene used nitrous oxide to relieve some of the pain, and things progressed quickly, with the added help of some quality time in the Jacuzzi.

Around 9pm Charlene started pushing, and by 10 Maysoon had called in a backup. At 10:30 after a final huge effort on Charlene’s part, Kaylin Elizabeth appeared to the world.

A proud Brian said “Forget comic books, my new favourite superhero is my wife. She’s an amazingly strong woman who got through one of life’s most incredible miracles with the strength of her own will. I love her with all my heart, and am so honoured that she chose me as her husband.”

“Kaylin will not be accepting dates from boys until her 21st birthday.” added her father.

Well wishes can be left at www.chronicology.com, where Kaylin’s story will be updated by her proud father.