This weekend Kaylin got to experience the “Parade of family” as Grandma and Grandpa Garside travelled from London, and Meme and Pepe Kish came all the way from Chatham. Auntie Sharon, Uncle Dennis, and Aunt Tina made special guest appearances to meet their newest niece as well.

Mommy and Daddy were outside visiting with next door neighbours Philip and Sharon and their two sons, when Grandma and Grandpa G rolled up. Grandma cooed with delight at Kaylin and Grandpa was pretty proud of his first grand child as well.

Grandma and Grandpa brought loads of treats for mommy and daddy, as well as some very nice gifts for Kaylin.

After a nice visit, Grandma and Grandpa left and Auntie Sharon, Meme and Pepe Kish all arrived. There was another round of “pass the baby” before they all settled in for dinner which Meme and Pepe had brought. After dinner, a pretty wiped out Kaylin needed to be taken upstairs for some alone time, and Meme and Pepe went to a nearby hotel for some rest.

The next afternon was Meme's birthday, so mommy and daddy printed out a picture and put it in a frame for Meme's birthday. Uncle Dennis and Aunt Tina came over just in time to help Kaylin change her diaper, and Uncle Dennis did his first ever diaper change! He handled Kaylin like a pro, and had no problems getting the new diaper on…something neither mommy nor daddy would be able to boast later in the day.

After a nice visit where Meme made daddy some lunch and helped to tidy up a bit, Meme, Pepe, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Tina all left.

Kaylin's getting a little bit spoiled as neighbours, and family continue to pour in gifts. She has gotten so many pretty little outfits from people that mommy and daddy have had to set aside a part of her closet for special outfits!

Neighbours Donny and Sarah came by for a visit early Sunday evening, bringing some delicious muffins, which daddy ravaged into on Monday morning.

After a really trying Friday, Kaylin started waking up for feedings much better, and on Saturday was pretty much eating regularly every two hours.

On Sunday Kaylin started eating like a champ, and after a very light Saturday, was filling up diapers like a pro. She pee'd on daddy during mid-change, and pooped on mommy in mid change, but a little dirty change table never killed anyone, so they all got through it.

Daddy went over to Donnie's to watch some Wrestling on Sunday night, and Mommy spent some time alone with Kaylin while daddy enjoyed some wrestling and missed her terribly the entire time, yelling at Matt Hardy that he could have been spending time with his little girl rather than seeing Matt Hardy on his back in the ring!

Monday morning Midwife Maysoon came by for another visit and weighed Kaylin, who has lost very little of her birth weight, and is doing incredibly well. Mommy and daddy were worried about Jaundice on Friday, but Kaylin has pinked right up and looks great now.