Right now my two favourite phrases from Kaylin are “No Turkey, that's YOURS!” and “Thanks for coming to my parrrrdy.”. Both were coined this past weekend. One at a Lion Safari, the other at her birthday party.

Friday we went to the African Lion Safari, and opted for the drive yourself option. Everyone warned us that the monkeys would destroy our car, but little known fact…if you don't offer the animals food, they don't approach your car! CRAZY!

We were fairly close to a lion, we were within feet of baboons, and within centimeters of an ostrich. The ostrich was hilarious, it came right up to the car and pecked at the window, prompting Kaylin to say “No turkey, that's YOURS!” which I think means “no ostrich, that's ours”, but she doesn't get the subtleties of mine and yours yet.

We visited the birds of prey exhibits, and the little petting zoo where Kaylin ran around to each goat saying “No food goat. No Shreddies. No oatmeal goat. No food goat.” Apparently we didn't have food for the goats.

A lot of it seemed kind of lost on our little two year old, but we had a fair amount of fun.

Saturday we had a little party for her with Paige, Cordelia, Jacob-ba, Emelia, and Sarah (and of course their requisite parents), Kaylin had a blast, playing with all her friends, and running around. At one point it got too cold outside and we moved indoors, and the party that seemed so quiet outside was quite noisy inside. Char made a really cool Peep cake, which Kaylin gobbled up.

After cake it was presents, and boy did that girl get spoiled. When the unwrapping chaos was finished, we knew that her friends and family had lavished her with books (Kaylin loves books), clothes, and other goodies.

My mom's favourite part of the party was when Kaylin got one of her books and frantically looked for a place to put the book down so she could read it. Everywhere she looked there were kids, she suddenly spotted her kitty chair, put the book in the chair, knelt down in front of it, and started studying.

Sunday was a perfect rainy day indoor type day, and we just hung out in the house having fun and not doing a whole lot.

All in all, pretty much a perfect weekend.