I woke up this morning extra early, wanting to get in to work early to catch up on some stuff. As I awoke, Charlene said to me “There have been terror attacks in London.” My sleep addled brain was thinking London Ontario, and I was trying to figure out why in the heck anyone would attack London. She then said “They think it has something to do with the G8 summit.”…what the? Oh, London England.

It's sounding like there were probably 3 tube explosions and a bus explosion around 8:30 this morning London time.

My co-worker and friend Liam is over in London right now for the next week and a bit. While my gut says Liam wouldn't be awake at 8:30am at the best of times, I think we'd all feel better if we heard from him.

Liam, if you read this, drop us a line, leave a comment, whatever.

***UPDATE***3:50pm ET, Liam is apparently fine and not even in London, I'm sure some tale of drinking and wandering around Wales will ensue, so I'll let him tell it when he gets around to it.