Memjet printers…we need these now!!!

I've been in the market for a photo printer for a while. We bought portable ones for both of our parents at Christmas, and I really like the convenience of just being able to have a photo instantly. The other day I read a blurb on Digg about Memjet printers, they're from Silverbrook, a new company out of Australia which holds over 3000 patents on a new inkjet technology. The video of their printers blew me away. The proposed suggested retail price knocked my socks off, and the specs of how much media will cost literally blew my mind (seriously, there is still a stain on the wall from where my head blew up, although I will admit that might have been due to a sneeze).

Check out the first video on this page. The photo printer is one thing, but that large format printer? It's going 6-12″ a second! That's absolutely unbelievable.

The website has three different articles up about Silverbrook's Memjet printers, including this little nugget.

Silverbrook has forecast printing costs for the 60 page per minute desktop printer at below $0.02 for black text, and under $0.06 for color pages (with 20 percent ink coverage), according to Lyra Research, which had early access to prototypes.

Holy crap! At those prices photos would probably run about .20 – .30 each, which while more expensive than Costco at .19, is still spectacular! For now I'll wait to see if this technology ever comes out.

Check out the articles for the full poop.

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