Edward Norton is The Incredible HulkChar and I went out to see the Incredible Hulk on Monday night, and while it’s definitely a better overall movie than the first film version of the Hulk was, this was still a fairly weak comic book adaptation.

Hulk is a pretty easy concept to get right, and the whole “man on the run” part of the story was done perfectly. What didn’t work as much was the Jeckyl and Hyde aspects of the story.

Bruce Banner is a manifestation if pure ID, he’s the embodyment of intelligence, probably one of the brightest minds on the planet, but not incredibly strong. The Hulk is a manifestation of pure Ego, he is the strongest creature on the planet, but not very bright. There has to be a small part of Bruce Banner that actually wants the Hulk to be let out, just like there would be a small part of the Hulk which wants Banner to return

The Good: “Hulk Smash”. The whole movie is just one big long extended fight scene. Edward Norton is pretty cool as Bruce Banner. There are plenty of little homages to the TV show. William Hurt was really good. The appearance of Tony Stark was genius.

The Bad: The whole movie is just one big long extended fight scene. It feels more like you’re playing a video game than watching a movie. The destruction is catastrophic, but no after-effects are felt. I wasn’t a huge fan of the TV show…but I understand the fascination with it. The Hulk looked fake. Abomination even more so. Both CGI characters looked like video game characters.

In a post-9/11 world, our minds don’t allow us the pure escapism of just smashing buildings and moving on. Cloverfiel is a perfect example. There was needless wanton destruction, but when the helicopter raised way above the city you felt this horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach like “look at the carnage”.

The last scene with Banner indicates that maybe Bruce Banner will be able to control the transformations in the next movie. I would love to see the intelligent Hulk from the comics make an appearance at some point.

I love how all of the characters are beginning to cross over with each others’ movies. Having Tony Stark in the Hulk was cool, as were the brief appearance of Shield, and the shots of Stark weaponry.

Up next for me: Wanted on June 27th.