It's been a while since I've written exclusively about Kaylin on my site, which is odd because in real life I'm constantly telling little stories about her, so much so that I'm sure the rest of the world is bored silly by my antics. Why bore people ONLY in person though? I can ALSO bore you all virtually on my fancy little web-log-site here!

Okay, schmultzy crap out of the way first. I can't imagine my life without Kaylin, she's one of my favourite people in the world, and even though I've only known her for a little under two years, I can honestly say that she's made me laugh more than anyone else on the planet (on a pro-rated basis of course). There's pretty much nothing better in the world than when she runs up to me and throws her arms around my neck, or when she reaches down to give me one of her ever so sweet kisses.

Ryan just puked.

A couple of my favourite things just happened this week. She's really started putting sentences together. She's been speaking for quite a few months now, but it's usually word, word, connecting sound, word, connecting sound word. Like mumblemumblemumble Mommy mumblemumblemumble eat ice keem.

In this last week though, she's started puting together these great little sentences that totally show you how her brain works. Last night I made one of my silly muppet sounds, imitating Cookie Monster trying to eat her dinner. She suddenly looks at me and says “Sometimes cookie monster eats paper.”

Okay, seriously, where did that come from? Sometimes Cookie Monster eats paper? She's not a huge watcher of Seseme Street, she gets a bit of TV in the morning (Peep and Hi 5), but doesn't get a ton of other TV. Well it turns out that a couple of weeks ago Char and Kaylin were watching some afternoon TV, and Cookie Monster was eating pictures of cookies.

“Sometimes Cookie Monster eats paper.”

That's just the latest one of course. There's a ton of other little things she does that just make you amazed that she has such a great memory. She talks about the Sheep that was loud at Storybook Gardens a month ago to this day, “sheep wouwd.”, even though there's no sheep nearby. She still remembers that uncle Ryan gives her marshmallows, although since our most recent visit with him resulted in no marshmallow consumption, she's kind of fallen off the Uncle Ryan bandwagon, and “Jacoba throws toys” though he hasn't in a few weeks.

She's fast too! Tonight she was running around the island in our kitchen, and I was surprised how fast those little legs were taking her.

Oh, and she's tough. A couple of weeks ago she was running around the cul-de-sac around the corner (it's a construction zone, so it's abandoned after 5), and she must have run the 200 or so meters at least 5 times (yeah, that's a kilometer). As she got more and more tired (but was having too much fun to stop), she fell twice. Both times she skinned her knee. Both times she literally picked herself up, dusted her knees off, and kept on running. On our way back to the house, she did a total face plant that made me shriek like a little girl. She picked herself up, pressed on her knee that was bleeding, and kept walking home.

…and talk about funny. She'll say things that just aren't right to get me to react. If I do react, she'll say it again and laugh. The other morning when I came in to get her out of bed she said to me “Daddy, Quack and squirrel are kissing”, and I was all like “Kid, I don't know WHAT TV show you're watching, but Quack and squirrel have never kissed.” (which came out as “Quack and squirrel are kissing?”) “Yeah daddy. Quack and squirrel are kissing.”…umm, okay.

So there's my mouse. That picture above is of me tickling her until she squeals. As soon as I took my hands away she'd pull them back and squeal “tickle”.

She's awesome, and I love her loads.