Very exciting news! This morning Kaylin lost her cord stump, and I'm pleased to report that from all appearances she has an innie! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Special thanks go out to Maysoon who clamped the cord nice and tight to her belly, and who instructed me to cut very close to the clamp.

Kaylin actually slept mostly through the night last night, waking up for feedings every couple of hours, but only taking 15 minutes to get the food in before promptly falling back asleep.

We gave her a bath last night, which did not go over well (particularly the hair washing portion of the evening), but which may have worn her right down from the screaming.

Today we're going out for a little drive to learn more about latching, and to get a second garbage pail for stinky diapers. We're going to move to cotton once she's big enough for the ones we bought, but right now we're in Pampers Newborn Swaddlers.