Halloween is a time for the creepy crawlies, the things that go bump in the night, and the truly scary. Scary stuff like…SCARECROWS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEK! That's what Kaylin was this year, a really scary scarecrow.

That's right, our little kegger was a scarecrow this year. Mommy whipped up this costume which consisted of the cutest little overalls and shirt from Value Village, little patches, an attached crow (because let's face it, she's too darned cute for the birds to REALLY be scared of her), and lots of felt “straw” sticking out of her clothes.

Pictured with Kaylin is her stuffed Owly figure, available soon from All New Comics. Owly is featured in three awesome kid-friendly graphic novels from Top Shelf Press. The Owly stories have no words in them, Owly and his friends speak in pictograms, which is awesome for little ones to read.

Okay, the comic pimping is over…honestly. I'm just trying to help build Kaylin a good college fund though.

It's hard to believe that a year ago she looked like this.

Since Halloween is over, I'm going to throw together a Christmas themed design for this site, something I had started on a couple of years ago, but then got sidetracked. Check out the original design, and tell me what you think.