R2 Drool2

The R2 D2 ProjectorOkay, I need everyone who visits this site to help me out on this. I desperately need this toy. It is essential to my credit as a geek. However, I also like being married. How can I reconcile the two?

Gizmodo has some pimp pictures and a wicked video up on their site.

To quote the good princess (Leia that is), “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope”

How do I get this purchase order approved by the finance department (GarsideCorp’s CEO “Charlene” is quite tough when it comes to making purchases like this). What is the business case?

Alternatively, how do I manage to sneak a $2999.99 purchase in the door without her knowing? “Oh, that little astromech droid, no idea how he got in here. You know those darn Jawas and their sandcrawlers, always dropping off droids in weird places. ha ha ha ha.”

R2D2 @ Shop.Starwars.com

6 thoughts on “R2 Drool2”

  1. Here’s how you do it:
    “Char remember that spare $3000US that was causing us all that grief? Well rather than sinking it into a couple hours with some coke and hookers like you suggested, I would like to invest it in an educational device that will give the whole family years of learning and developmental growth… Plus it will play all your Cure songs on my iPod*!”

    * = deal maker

  2. Well I can honestly say our kitchen reno should totally go on the backburner for this. It was so sexy I needed a cigarette after watching it.

  3. My kids said no because they said I would chase them with it. I said “yeah what is your point.”

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