Being a new dad is strange, you look at the world differently, and things that a few months ago didn't bug you now really affect you. Take for example Sam Loeb's story. Sam was the son of comics writer Jeph Loeb. Last year Sam lost his battle with cancer, and passed away. I just read “Sam's Story” on Newsarama. It's written by Sam's dad Jeph, and it brought a tear to my eye.

This story as well as a story started by Sam and completed by a ton of famous writers and artists are being collected together in a comic this coming April. All proceeds from the sale of the comic are going to The Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund.

You can buy the comic from us at All New Comics. We're going to offer free shipping to anyone who buys this comic, and all of the profits that we make from the sale of the comic will be given to the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund. For $5.00, you get a cool comic, we'll ship it for free, and you'll be honouring the memory of one man's son.

As a dad, I can't imagine anything worse than losing my baby. I think the only thing that would make me feel better is if I could know that something good could come out of the tragedy.

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