Here it is, the betaWhen last I left you, I had secured hosting for my little secret project, and I had created a wireframe for it.  I settled on a technology, a content management solution, and had a really rough business model in mind.  Well late last night I launched the beta version of the site.

Presenting: Comic Lift, the user generated comic book news website.

Comic Lift is a website where comic fans can submit and Lift stories they think are noteworthy.  Good stories will get promoted to the front page, and stories that are “Lifted” by other users will get priority.

Please visit the site, create an account, and start promoting some comic related stories!

My next steps are to customize my template a little bit, add some ads for All New Comics and HeadsDown (get some exposure for my brands and prove that there’s a business model there for advertisers).  Once I start getting a good amount of traction on the site, then I’ll pursue some paid advertising.

I’ve created a logo and a Favicon which I’ll start to pepper around the site.  Once I’ve accomplished all of that, I’ll create a plugin that people can use on their sites, and maybe pre-populate some RSS feeds to help me with the initial submission of stories.

If I can get 10 super users on the site, I think this will have a great chance of getting big, but for now I’ll have to do most of the maintenance myself (which is just one more step when I see a piece of great content).