One year ago at this time Char and I were sitting at home on our bed with this new little human being between us, totally thrilled, totally exhausted (Charlene especially), and totally without a clue about what to do next. It's 12 months later, and it's been the best, and most challenging year of my life by far (Just check out all of these Kaylin posts to see).

So much has happened in this year. She's sitting, crawling, standing, walking, talking, signing, eating, drinking, and voicing her own opinions. She's got a very distinct little personality. She doesn't like loud sounds, she loves birds and cats, she's very independant for a little bean, loves to turn pages on her own, likes to dance (especially to House of Pain's Jump Around), she's quick to laugh, and has one of the best little girl giggles on the planet.

She and I have a really special relationship, she's definately a “Daddy's girl”, and she'll sit in my lap and read a book, magazine, or newspaper for minutes at a time (hey, that's a long time when your life span can be counted in double digit months!). Don't get me wrong, she loves her mommy, and there are times that daddy just won't do, but there are also times when she just wants to crawl into daddy's lap and hang out…those are the best times.

So happy birthday to my big girl. You're a year old now, and the future will just get better. Mommy and I are so happy you came into our lives, just don't keep growing up so fast okay?

My mom sent out an email this morning wishing Kaylin a happy first birthday too.

Happy 1st Birthday Kaylin, you are such a precious little Granddaughter and we love you sooooo much.

Hope you have a real special day with Mommy and Daddy.

Thanks Char and Brian for giving us such a little cutie pie, wish we lived closer, can't get enough of the little Kegger.

Cute picture Char for Kaylin's special day.

My heart is with you today I know the miracle of this last year and you will always hold it in your heart and memory for ever. Love Grandma and Grandpa

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