So uuber lame that it just might be cool

Star Wars hoodies by Marc Ecko
Star Wars hoodies by Marc Ecko

I like Marc Ecko, I had a really cool Marc Ecko yellow shirt once that Charlene hated with the firey heat of a thousand burning suns.  Unfortunately most of his stuff is a little too “Affliction” for my tastes.

However their new Star Wars line is pretty cool.  In my opinion this hoodie, may be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while…or perhaps the lamest.  So lame in fact that it’s gone 180 degrees back around and become cool again!  This one however might be lame (although I’m on the fence on it, it might have gone like 190 degrees or something, and is just over-cool).

I loved that Boba Fett hoodie so much that I went to buy one, only to find out that Marc Ecko won’t ship to Canada.