Okay, I love London, I really do. It's a great city, fairly low crime rate, everything's nice and close, my mom and dad are in town so we've got built in babysitting, and my childhood friends are all here, so we've got a built in social network. All of those are good things, but there's one thing that drives me so insane that some days I actually long for the bad old days of Toronto..

London has the worst drivers in the world.




See this traffic? Even this Indian traffic chaos is more sensible than London.

Why? Well you can see the patterns in that chaos. You can understand what someone's doing. In London you never know.

The other day I was behind a guy who decided to turn right. He signaled, prepared to turn, and then swerved back, turned off his signal, and continued on straight. Okay, he's not tur…WHY IS HE CUTTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?!? Then suddenly he turns left cutting across 3 lanes of traffic and nearly causing me to sideswipe him.

On my way to work this morning there was a beautiful white Mustang in front of me, brand new, gorgeous car.

The driver was doing about 30. So I'm getting so frustrated, angry, annoyed. I pull up alongside the car, and look over. In the car, swear to god, is Clara from the Where's the Beef commercials.

This woman is about 90, cokebottle glasses. About 4'5″ tall. Literally looking THROUGH her steering wheel to see out the window. All I could think was, “There should be a law against someone that old having a car that powerful.”

In Toronto you know that drivers are going to be idiots. You know this guy is going to cut you off, and that guy will likely try to run that red. In London the only thing predictable about drivers are that they will be slow, and that they'll do something totally unpredictable.