Another weekend, and yet the behemoth is STILL not finished! What is my problem anyway? I’ve primed the wood, I’ve filled holes, and I’ve done some more wood work, but I’m not finished? This is an outrage. Why, it’s almost like I’ve been doing OTHER things than just finishing this behemoth of a project.

Why yes, I did do other things this weekend. Saturday we went to Emelia’s birthday party over at the Palisad (kudos to John and Danielle for the delicious nibbles). I became addicted to Deal or No Deal. My first game I took the banker’s offer of 84 tickets and ended up surrendering my case which had a mere 6 tickets in it! My second game however I took the deal for 51 tickets, when my case actually contained 100 tickets! Darn.

Kaylin helped me shovel the drive after we got back from the party. By “help” I really mean that she plunked herself down in the snow drifts and ate snow. I’ve been using a shovel rated for Ajax snow, not London snow, so needless to say that I broke it. I have to go out and find myself a London snow worthy shovel.

I got a bit of behemoth work in on Saturday, spackling a few more holes, and getting in some light sanding (as well as priming the large knots on all of the shelves).

Char and I got in a little Rock Band on Saturday night, before settling down to watch 3:10 to Yuma. It turned out to be a great Western (I do have to admit I’ve always been partial to westerns, ever since my Spaghetti Western phase back in high school).

We took Kaylin to Springbank Park to go tubing this morning, hoping to wear her out so that she’d nap after lunch, but as tired as she was, she refused to nap, so I decided to take her with me to run some errands. Of course we got just outside of Canadian Tire when I looked in my rear view mirror to see her sound asleep.

I took her back home and did some priming of the behemoth with my new smooth texture rollers. It’s way easier to paint with these rollers, and the finish looks spectacular. I did a little light sanding (just to get rid of any imperfections), and I think I’m pretty much ready to start doing the final coats with the real paint later this week.

Of course when I get to real paint, I should probably do it in the daylight so that I don’t miss anything. Painting “cloud white” on primer white will probably be a little tough to see.

My Xboxing has been pretty spectacular lately. I’ve scored a ton of points from Darkness, Beautiful Katamari and Rock Band this last week, which has bumped my score nearly 1000 points since Christmas, and puts me almost a full k ahead of my arch rival Curtis (who’s my only friend even close to me).

The only real negative lately has been a bout of sciatica that I’ve had. Friday and Saturday my left foot kept going to sleep, and today I had a bit of a problem a couple of times at the park, but I think it’s mostly better.

Oh the joys of getting old.