Kaylin had her first Halloween tonight on Tansley Ave, and let me just say…new neighbourhoods kinda suck when it comes to All Hallow's Eve! We maybe got 30 kids tonight, and our first one didn't come until quarter after six. Compare that to Toronto, where we had kids from 4:30 on…and dozens and dozens of them!

There are a lot of babies in this neighbourhood though, so I'm sure that's got something to do with it. A lot of the kiddies out this year were just their parents carrying them around to friends in the neighbourhood. That's what Kaylin, Char and I did for the most part as well as we went over to Jay and Jill's and Philip and Sharon's. I took Kaylin around the corner to see Donnie, Sarah, and Tasha, who was dressed up as a Chilli Pepper.

By the time we got down the street though, Kaylin was out like a light. Donnie set Tasha and Kaylin up for a photo op, and he got some hilarious shots of Kaylin sleeping on Tasha's shoulder while the little chilli pepper held Kaylin's little chickeny hand.

We gave away comics which were a huge hit, as well as chocolate and some various other candies, but we've got a ton of stuff left over. Still, it was fun to hang with the neighbours, and halloween on Tansley will just get better in the future.